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Visum Development Group is an Ithaca-based real estate investment company, specializing in new construction and the redevelopment of residential properties in Central and Western New York, Pittsburgh, and other high-return markets East of the Mississippi. We acquire, renovate, build new, and lease with a determination to maximize returns while mitigating risks for our investors. We offer a range of luxury student housing, residential, and commercial investments including opportunistic and buy-and-hold strategies.


Real estate is dynamic, fast paced and often unpredictable. Our foresight allows us see the unseen and to recognize the problems and opportunities that the future will bring. We seize these opportunities, allowing us to drive the market, rather then follow from behind.


We have an unwavering resolve to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions, which provide superior value to our customers, community and investors. Thoughtful design creates powerful results.


Solving our markets needs through design driven development, inspiring meticulous detail on every level. Rather then imitate the market, we focused on creating extraordinary spaces centered around flawless design.

OUR WORK Projects

Our work portfolio ranges from single-family homes, two unit condo buildings, large multi-family residences, and high end student housing. Our goal is to deliver something exceptional every time.

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Result-Oriented Track Record

Visum is determined to maximize returns while mitigating investor risk. As both an investor and developer, we see the big picture of real estate. We pride ourselves on sourcing and building in the most efficient manner possible without skimping on quality or cutting corners. We understand the need for flexibility, adaptability, and innovation in all of our projects.

We Believe in Strong Relationships

We create value and returns for our investors. Visum’s success has been built on developing strong relationships with our investors, project partners and community leaders.

We See What Others Don’t

Our expertise and resources enable us to see and act on opportunities that create a vision and legacy for the future. Our two latest projects, 201 College Ave and 232 Dryden Road, for example, are the first to offer luxury amenities to students of Cornell. This is quickly realized when all units have been fully leased a year in advance.

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Our commitments – Integrity, innovation, trust, honesty, and ethics – are the foundation of all our work and define our priorities and values. We have a proven track record of completing large projects on time and play an acute role in overseeing the due diligence, development and project management of each project.

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